More Things

Or, Because I’ve been tagged a bunch more, and because it’s fun!

I made a 25 things. Then I got tagged approximately 250 more times. So, I am making another list of things about me. You get a special bonus, becaus there are 27 things.

  1. I have had the same book of checks since I got a checking account my Junior Year of High school. I still use them, almost exclusively to tithe.
  2. I picked out my glasses specifically to make myself look as nerdy as possible. I really wanted horn-rimmed glasses, or ones like old-school ray-ban frames.
  3. I love my tattoo, but I got it with someone who I now have bad blood with. This makes me even more impatient to get another. I think I have settled on “Homo Fuge” on the inside of my right wrist.
  4. Emailing back and forth with people on a regular basis makes me feel both adult and special. I love to email with my former English professor from LaGrange.
  5. This year at SLR, I am running all of the media stuff, and I feel like I am in waaay over my head. I am still hotzing [jonesing] for that time to get here.
  6. Irony is my favorite kind of humor.
  7. I have a complex that people either a) don’t like me or b) don’t remember me. It makes me really apprehensive to talk to people either on the phone or in person that I’ve only met once or twice.
  8. I am always, always tired. Probably part of it is because I am anemic and have an underactive thyroid, but I can never shake my tiredness.
  9. I stress-eat and stress-drink. Always a combination of carbohydrates, sweet tea, and mountain dew.
  10. I love to read Cosmopolitan. I always feel guilty about it, but I love it. I used to read it aloud to my friends in LaGrange. One day, I plan to wow my future husband with what I learned.
  11. I get attached to people extremely quickly and easily, probably more so than I should. I really want to be able to express how much I like/love people to them, but I always feel like I am going to push people away by doing so. Usually I try to keep my mouth shut. Then, I tell Kelsey.
  12. If you make sweet tea, and expect me to drink it, you have to make it right. The tea bags have to be heated with the water. You can’t just pour hot water on top of them like hot tea. I also like it REALLY sweet, at least a cup of sugar per half gallon.
  13. There are a ton of things I miss about LaGrange, but not things you might expect. I miss grocery shopping with K-Garv. I miss having home-made dinner with Bidi. I miss running down to Kelsey’s room to tell her random things. I miss the swing and the patio.
  14. I hated Reinhardt until my Acrylic Painting class. Now I have friends, who might grasp an inkling of who I am, and understand my frustration. They all think I should get the H out of there while I still can.
  15. I love, love, love my job. I love being a youth minister. I love that my kids are insane. I love how honest they are with me. I love that they admit that they need work, and let me admit that too. I couldn’t ask for cooler kids.
  16. One day, I think I might like to work for YoungLife. They do evangelism in a way that I really like. I also think that they promote authenticity in a really cool way.
  17. I have been growing my hair since I was a junior in high school, and it is just now nearing my waist. Now, I think I might like to have dreads.
  18. I love Seattle. It might be one of the crappiest vacations I’ve ever been on, but I love the place. I could go back there again and again. The culture is amazing, and I also have a grunge obsession.
  19. On a related note, when I travel anywhere, I don’t like to do the touristy thing. I just like to walk around and get the feel for the place where I am. I just like to be chill and look around and take pictures and see and hear and smell and feel and taste everything.
  20. I love imagery. Everything is sensual to me.
  21. I am a hypochondriac. I always think that there are a million things wrong with me. Often, I am right. Currently, I think I have chronic bronchitis, depression, and a broken left foot.
  22. I get into really bad moods randomly and inexplicably. I can never explain my emotions. When I am in a bad mood, I am typically mean to everyone. Sorry about that.
  23. I hate cleaning my room. I hate organizing my own stuff. I hate the sound of vacuums more than most other sounds. I will, however efficiently organize other peoples stuff and clean their houses. I am just lazy about my own space. Also, I prefer cleaning non-porous surfaces, because they can be cleaned with wet methods. I don’t like dry methods of cleaning.
  24. hate lukewarm food. I either like it to be really hot/warm or really cold. At camp all summer, the food was family style, and it would always sit out for several minutes before we ate, so I got used to eating warm-ish food, but I never really liked it as much as if it was hot.
  25. On the subject of camp food, I used to not eat a bunch of foods before I worked at camp, and I used to eat really slow. Camp taught me to eat Mayonnaise, mustard, dill pickles, spaghetti sauce, lunch meat and a ton of other stuff, and eat it really fast. Dang, now I am craving camp food.
  26. I both really like and really don’t like being busy. It stresses me, but it also makes me feel productive. Often, I would rather be laying in bed with my laptop and the TV on than most anything else.
  27. I love beverages, but I hate water. If it is really cold, and has ice in it, I will drink it occasionally, but I really don’t like it ever otherwise. I drink a ton of apple juice, tea, kool-aide, grape juice, and soda.


~ by Amanda on 6 February 2009.

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